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Apache Reading Materials re: Lifeways of the Southern Athabaskans

 Adams, Ida  (San Carlos Apache). Fiddle.


Joyce Begay-Foss, Curator of  Lifeways of the Southern Athabaskans recommends reading the Ferg and Mails books.


[BOOK 1]

Ferg, Alan.

Western Apache Material Culture. Tucson : University of Arizona Press, 1987.

Held only in the LOA Library: 572.78A W527


[BOOK 1 - CHAPTER (full-text access)]

A chapter in the Ferg book by Goodwin Grenville first appeared in 1935. The link here provides you access to the 1935 version.


Grenville, Goodwin.

"The social division and economic life of the Western Apache." 

American Anthropologist. volume 37, number 1, part 1 (January-March 1935): 55.64.


[BOOK 2]

Mails, Thomas E.

The People called Apache. Englewood Cliffs, NJ : Prentice Hall, 1974.

Held only in the LOA Library: 572.78A M222p


[BOOK 3]

Allison Colborne (MIAC Librarian) selected the following book because it provides a nice overview of Apache cultures. The book also includes substantial information written by numerous Nde people. The Laboratory of Anthropology Library has scanned and made portions of this book available to read online. None of the photographs in this section were reproduced.


Trimble, Stephen.

"The Apache." In, The people : Indians of the American Southwest / words and photographs. Santa Fe, New Mexico : [Seattle, Washington] : SAR Press, School of American Research ; Distributed by University of Washington Press, ©1993.


Part 1. The Apache - Introductory section

Part 2. Western Apache (Chiricahua, Mescalero, White Mountain)

Part 3. White Mountain (cont’d), and Jicarilla


[magazine article - exhibition review]


McLister, Iris.

Life Ways : an exhibit at the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture explores Apache history / Iris McLister. Native American art. (February/March 2018): 138-140.

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