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Past Exhibitions

Native American Picture Books of Change

February 15, 2009 through January 2, 2010

Plastering the house
N MY MOTHER'S HOUSE, Ann Nolan Clark, Illustrated by Velino Herrera, Viking Press, 1941.

The Brothers
Michael Lacapa,  "The Brothers" illustrated in The Good Rainbow (2004), Courtesy of Michael Lacapa Family

Native American Picture Books of Change—is an exhibition of original works by Hopi, Navajo, Apache, and Pueblo artists who illustrated children's books in the 1920's through today. Based on the book of the same title by Rebecca Benes, the exhibition focuses on illustrations in Native American children’s books of the last century. Emerging Indian artists illustrated the stories for Indian students based on Native oral traditions and narratives about everyday Indian life.

Grandmother Spider shakes sand out of her moccasins
TATAY'S MEMORIES, collected and retold by Elizabeth Willis DeHuff, Illstrations by, Fred Kabotie, Harcourt Press, 1924