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Upcoming Exhibitions

Beyond Standing Rock

February 23, 2019 through October 27, 2019

Water is Life
Protest Poster created at Standing Rock Reservation during the NoDAPL protests.  

Frank Buffalo Hyde: Wish You Weren't Here #2
Frank Buffalo Hyde’s  “Wish you weren’t here #2” 48x48 acrylic on canvas 2019 Courtesy of GalleryFRITZ

From early 2016 until February 23, 2017, Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota was home to many individuals who were protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). The protest at Standing Rock Indian Reservation is just one of many instances where corporate and/or government actions were viewed as violations of Native American Treaties, a threat to Native American well-being, and disrespect for the sacredness of Native land. This exhibit focuses heavily on the events leading up to the DAPL construction and the experiences of many who were at Standing Rock during the protest. However, the exhibit will also highlight other examples of similar encroachments and violations of Native American sovereignty, many of which have impacted Native health and sacred lands.

Frank Buffalo Hyde: Wish You Weren't Here #2
Frank Buffalo Hyde "Wish You Weren’t Here #2" 48x48" acryilic on Canvas 2019 Courtesy of GalleryFRITZ, Photography by CL Kieffer Nail