Museum of Indian Arts and Culture Docent Library


The Museum of Indian Arts and Culture Docent Library is located on the main floor of the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture. The collection is cataloged as a 'collection' under the Laboratory of Anthropology Library.



Docent Library Management

The Docent Library is overseen by Andrew Albertson.


Docent Library - Cataloging of the Collection | LOA Library Catalog Systems Administration

The Docent Library collections are cataloged as a collection within the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture / Laboratory of Anthropology Library Koha Integrated Library System. All cataloging for the Docent Library within the LOA Library Koha Catalog is performed by the LOA Librarian, Allison Colborne.

Docent Library Catalog Access

To access the Docent Library collection in the LOA Library Catalog:


  1. Go to: This will take you to the Laboratory of Anthropology Library Koha Integrated Library System Catalog.
  2. Next, using your mouse, click on the Advanced Search feature located near the top of the screen on the left, using the left mouse button on your mouse. This will have take you to the Advanced Search screen.
  3. Next, look for and click on the Tab entitled Shelving Location. It is located about one/third of the way down the screen below the green SEARCH button.
  4. Click in the Box to the left of Docent Library (Docent Use Only).
  5. If you click on the green Search button, you will pull up all the cataloging records for the entire Docent Library collection.
  6. If you wish to search for a specific book in the Docent Library collection, follow steps 1-4 above, and then enter your search terms (eg. Title, Author, etc.) for the book you are looking for in the Advanced Search section located above (look for the word Keyword. You can select the kind of search you want to perform by using the pull down menu using the arrow to the right of the term Keyword.
  7. If you have any difficulty using the LOA Library Koha Catalog, call Allison Colborne, Librarian, Laboratory of Anthropology Library at: 505.476.1264.