LOA Library Book sale

Thank you everyone - volunteers of the booksale especially - for your support!




The LOA Library has received numerous large donations from scholars, historians, anthropologists and archaeologists and is currently processing two estates and the private collection received from an anthropologist. As a result, the LOA Library currently not accepting donations.



OnSite Booksale

Last onsite booksale was held in November 15-16, 2014. The LOA Library received over 9,000 (260 boxes) of books for the 2014 booskae. It was a huge sale!

There are no plans at this time to hold another "onsite" booksale.


Online Bookstore at Abebooks.com


Support the LOA Library throughout the year long by purchasing books and specialized materials from the MIAC-LOA Library Abebooks online store.

Search and purchase from the MIAC-LOA Library's online listings 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Listings are updated fairly frequently, so check back often!


What have the booksale funds supported?


Funds from the Abebooks.com book sales underwrite the support by Bywater Solutions of the Laboratory of Anthropology Library Koha Integrated Library System.

 Book sale funds undewrote InMagic/DB/Textworks LOA Library Databases 100% of the migration to the KOHA Integrated Library System.  ((InMagic/DB/Textworks relational dabases 1992-201, Koha ILS implemented July 14, 2014).

Thanks you for your book donations Santa Fe. Your support to make this technological leap into the 21st century possible!!!

To check it out the new LOA Library Koha Catalog, go to: http://library.indianartsandculture.org/


Booksale funds are additionally used to underwrite all the operations and services of the LOA Library and to purchase all new book acquisitions.